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The Nema 17 Stepper is a motive couple stepwise powerfully with a torsional stress superior to the hybrid stepping motors standard, because of the utilization of powerful special magnets instead of the permanent traditional magnets.
The SY42STH47-1684A takes 1,8 degrees as step and a torsional stress of 4,4kg/cm (43,15N/cm)
General specifications
Step Angle (⁰):1.8
Temperature Rise (⁰C): 80
Max Ambient temperature (⁰C): 20~+50
Number of Phase: 2
Insulation Resistance: 100 MΩ Min (500VDC)
Insulation Class: Class B
Max. radial force (N): 28 (20mm from the flange)
Max. axial force (N): 10
Rated Voltage (V): 2.8
Rated Current (A): 1.68
Resistance Per Phase (±10%Ω): 1.65 (25⁰C)
Inductance Per Phase (±20%mH): 2.8
Holding Torque (Kg*cm): 4.4
Detent Torque (g*cm): 200
Rotor Inertia (g*cm²): 68
Weight (Kg): 0.365

Important: The length of the cable of this engine is 15 mm and the connector JST SMP-04V-BC, specific for the model BCN3D +.

Nema17 askelmoottori

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