Sinterit LISA Full Set

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The Sinterit Lisa is a breakthrough in desktop 3D printing. Using Selective Laser Sintering technology, powder is loaded into a feed bed and spread layer by layer onto the build platform. The build chamber is heated to warm the powder, and a laser etches the powder in a similar way to SLA. The powder holds the print in place, removing the need for support material, and increasing the design freedom of the part.

Key Features

  • SLS Precision
  • Support free: Print complex objects with no support structure.
  • Batch printing: Utilise the full volume of the print area by stacking parts without needing them to touch.
  • Build Volume: Larger build volume of 245 mm (diagonally) 
  • Easy maintence: Easy access to upper heating unit
  • Steel Frame: Improved security, remove backlash, and simplified assembly and cleaning
  • NEW Mounting Feet: Rubber tips prevent printer from sliding


  1. Steel Insulation Cover- Ensures better thermal insulation, simplify maintenance, and elongatesinsulation lifetime
  2. Exposed Pyrometers- Guarantees better temperature measurement
  3. Laser Protective Glass- Glass framed in hermetic cover, tight and easy mounting
  4. Gasket Lock- Improved design of lock and gasket to prevent temperature loss better
  5. Reinvented Front Panel- Intuitive assembly method facilitates cleaning of space under the beds as well as printer transportation
  6. Gap and capactiy of overflow bin- Makes cleaning the printer faster
Included in the shipment:
  • Sinterit Lisa SLS 3D printer.
  • Print removal box.
  • Powder scoop.
  • Sinterit Lisa manual.
  • USB stick with Sinterit Studio software.
  • Sinterit Studio manual.


Included in the full pack is:

Sinterit Lisa Printer
Sound Blaster
Powder Sieve
4kg PA12 Fresh Powder
2kg PA12 Print Ready Powder


Printing Tips

  • Gloves and a respirator are required for working with powdered plastic.
  • Parts require cleaning after printing, this can be done using an air compressor and blow gun, sandblasting or brushes and metal tools.
  • Sand blasting can be used to clean parts but may destroy fragile parts.
  • Printed parts may be very delicate if they are too thin.
  • Printed parts may warp due to cooling if printed parallel to the print bed, rotate parts to avoid this.
  • Some powder can be reused using a sieve, but printing with old powder may cause weak brittle prints if it is not refreshed properly.


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Manufacturer Sinterit
Printing Technology SLS
Build Volume W x D x H (mm) // W x D x H (inch) 150 x 200 x 150 mm (5,9 x 7,9 x 5,9 in)
Layer Thickness / Print Precision Diagonally: 245mm, PA12 smooth: 90 x 120 x 130, Flexa Black/Grey: 110 x 160 x 150
Recommended min. wall thickness 0.8 mm
Powder Diameter 20 – 100 microns
Certification CE, FCC
Weight 35KG (77 lbs)
Printing Material Powder PA12: Rigid, durable, temperature resistant, chemical resistant, Powder FLEXA BLACK: Elastic
Layer Thickness (microns) min: 0,075 (3,0 mils)
Monitoring Camera Yes
Power Supply One phase, recommended AC outlet power 1,5 kW Voltage 110/120 V or 220/230 V
Heated Chamber Max: 190C / 374 F
File Format STL, OBJ, 3DS, FBX, DAE, 3MF
Supported Software Sinterit Studio 2016
Manufacturer Sinterit
Minimal wall thickness 0,4 mm
Touch screen LCD 4″
Connectivity USB, Wi-fi
Supported OS Microsoft Windows


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Sinterit LISA Full Set

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